“Cricket. The game itself it’s phenomenal. It’s fantastic because it teaches you a lot of values in life.” – Vanitha VR

Women’s cricket is on the rise around the world. When I was in Bangalore, India a couple of weeks ago, myself and Andrew Walton sat down and spoke to two women cricketers, Vanitha VR and Likhitha VG about their story and the future of women’s cricket.

Vanitha has had some success on the International stage having represented India while Likhitha has lead a domestic team to a title so they both are very good cricketers in their own right.

In this interview we asked: 

  • Introduction and background.
  • How did you arrive at KIOC?
  • What are your first memories of being here?
  • How has the experience at KIOC helped you as a cricketer and a person?
  • How would you describe your cricketing dreams?
  • Where do you believe women’s cricket in India is heading?
  • We have learned so much from you both in this trip, would there be anything that you have learned from us?
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