Steven Finn Interview on The Process of Success Podcast

Former Middlesex CCC teammates Scolls & Finny

“I think that if you focus on the negative things in everything whether you be performing or your injuries or anything in your life, I think that it can weigh you down and it can really affect your recovery especially for an injury the psychological part of coming back from an injury can affect your recovery”

If you’re a cricket lover then you would definitely know of Steven Finn. Finn burst onto the international stage as 20 year old in 2010 and quickly became the face of English cricket with lots of on field success and a very likeable character to go with it.

Since then he’s had his share of ups and downs. With 126 appearances for England across all formats, Finny has certainly had a successful career but had it not been for injury or a loss of form at certain times, he could have played a lot more. With raw pace and steepling bounce, Finny is one of the world’s best and most scariest bowlers when he’s at his best.

As a former teammate who admired how Finny went about his business during my time at Middlesex, it was great to sit down with him and hear his story and the journey of how he got to where he is today.

In this episode we discussed: 

  • How he got into cricket and who his mentors were when he was growing up
  • How he managed being at school while playing professionally for Middlesex
  • How he made his way into the England test side for the first time and what it was like playing with guys he had always admired and looked up to
  • How he has dealt with injuries & disappointment over the course of his career
  • How he handles the pressure of a big match
  • What he’s seen in the world’s best players that separates them from the rest

Plus a whole lot more.