Scolls with Shahbaz Choudry Pace Journal

Scolls & the founder of ‘Pace Journal’ – Shahbaz Choudry

“I loved the feeling of having that power, that everything happened on my terms…running in and blasting batsmen out, I loved that feeling as well.”

This episode was recorded back in August this year while I was in the UK and is with a really inspiring guy. Shahbaz Choudry is the founder of Pace Journal – a community for fast bowlers around the world. I first came across the Instagram account at the start of this year and was extremely impressed with what I saw. Having spent a huge amount of time creating content for the Cricket Mentoring Instagram account over the past few years, I know how much time and effort goes into it and when I saw Pace Journal I knew that whoever was behind it was extremely passionate about fast-bowling and helping people understand the secrets of fast-bowling.

Their Instagram account is followed by a huge number of cricketers all over the world and Shahbaz has built an amazing community by interviewing professional cricketers and coaches to share tips and ideas with anyone who wants to learn about fast-bowling.

When I was speaking to Shahbaz and listening to his story and why he founded ‘Pace Journal’ there were so many similarities to my own story and why I founded Cricket Mentoring. His bio on his personal Instagram says ‘on a mission to help fast bowlers all over the world’ and through his amazing content he is certainly doing that.

I really enjoyed listening to his story and learning more about the man behind this brilliant brand and I have no doubt you will get a lot of value from his story as well.

Shahbaz Instagram handles: Pace Journal @pacejournal & @mrpacejournal

Link to Fast Bowlers anthem:

I hope you enjoy this episode!

In this episode we discussed:

  • How he first discovered his love for bowling fast
  • What he loved the most about fast bowling
  • Chasing his dream of being a professional cricketer
  • The ups and downs of his career and struggling mentally due to trying to be ‘perfect’
  • Finding his love for cricket again
  • How he started his new passion for helping young fast bowlers via ‘Pace Journal’