Nathan Coulter-Nile discusses dealing with injury setbacks and playing in the IPL on The Process of Success podcast

“Mate, You’re fat, you’re unfit, you’re a good bowler but you’re never going to make it if you don’t pull your head in, get fit and work a bit harder on your game “

In this episode of The Process of Success podcast, I sat down with Australian Fast-bowler Nathan Coulter-Nile to discuss his journey from a school trial to Australian Fast-bowler. 
In this episode I asked Nathan:
  • What his earliest memory of playing cricket was (0:44)
  • If he ever got 1 on 1 coaching during his junior representative years (5:23)
  • Who his mentors have been (5:50)
  • How he felt when walking into a professional environment (6:48)
  • How often he would train to better himself in his early professional years (7:55)
  • If playing for Australia was always a goal of his (10:10)
  • How he found the step up to international cricket (11:15)
  • How he bounces back from poor performances (13:00)
  • How he dealt with the roller-coaster of emotions due to setbacks (14:55)
  • How he overcomes frustrations due to injuries (16:45)
  • Who has helped him during his tough times (18:25)
  • What the IPL is like (23:35)
  • If he has any mental pre-ball routines (27:00)
  • If he has any daily or morning routines (33:00)
  • What his plans are going forward (35:05)
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