Sports Psychology in cricket Mike Rotheram

Scolls & England Cricket Team Sports Psychologist, Mike Rotheram

“They’re highly driven, they’re ruthless, very diligent in terms of their preparation and they have a real understanding of themselves and what makes them work.”

After a 3 month break I’m pumped to be back and hopefully bigger and better than ever before. I really want to make this podcast as interesting and valuable for you as it can be!

This episode, which was recorded a few months ago while I was in the UK, is with one of the England cricket teams sports psychologists, Mike Rotheram.

Mike, who is a cricketer himself, started working with the England men’s team and England Lions and is now working closely with the England women.

With 9 years of studying under his belt, Mike is extremely qualified to teach the mental skills required to perform at the highest level.

In this episode we discussed: 

  • How he did a PHD in the Yips and what causes the yips
  • What a sports psychologist does
  • What the traits are of elite athletes
  • How he coaches players who over analyse or over think things
  • How the coaches set up sessions to test and train their players under pressure
  • The difference between people who are driven by consequences and those that are driven by rewards and how to work out who needs what.

Plus a whole lot more.