Hilton Cartwright discusses his journey to playing for Australia on The Process of Success podcast

“He guided me in the way and the path I needed to go on…He kept me positive and got me on the pathway of cricket. He also taught me life lessons outside of cricket”

In this episode of The Process of Success podcast, I sat down with Western Australian and Australian all-rounder Hilton Cartwright.
Hilton Cartwright has played Test Cricket & One Day Internationals for Australia and has a unique story of how he got there. Born in Zimbabwe and living there until he was 11 years old he isn’t your typical Australian player.While he’s dominated Australian domestic cricket at times he’s also had his share or struggles and gives us a great insight into that as well as the good times in his career.
In this interview, Hilts gives us an insight into his journey to success!

In this episode we discussed: 

  • How he hit a six in his first match and why it means he now wears the number 35 on his back when he plays for WA & the Perth Scorchers.
  • How cricket gave him friends when he first moved from Zimbabwe to Perth.
  • How he idolised Mitch Marsh at school and tried to keep up with his power hitting in their school days.
  • How he became such a brilliant fielder without even trying to be.
  • How he found out he was selected for Australia and the funny story behind that. 
  • What he was feeling and thinking as the bowler was running in to bowl the first ball he faced in Test cricket.
  • How he uses visualization and plans thoroughly the night before he plays
  • The simple mental process he recently changed to get back into form 
  • Why he enjoys to get out into the ocean for a surf plus a whole lot more
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