HD Ackermann discusses his journey to playing for South Africa and how he dealt with fear on The Process of Success podcast

“From a technical point of view, so many schoolboys fall over to the offside and try to hit the ball through the legside and I think that’s because of their dominant hand”

Hylton or HD Ackermann is at a different stage of his life than many of our other guests. 

Ackermann played Test cricket for South Africa in the late 1990s and since retiring from professional cricket in 2009 has had a stint in the media and high-performance coaching in South Africa. He then relocated his family to Perth and has been the head of cricket at a private boys school here in Perth for the past 2 years. 

It’s great to have him on at this point in time when Australia is currently in South Africa battling away in the Test Series. He gave us a unique insight into what it’s like to play in Cape Town – the venue for the third and extremely controversial Test.

In this episode I asked Hylton:
  • What his thoughts are on the Australian South African series
  • What his earliest memory of playing cricket was 
  • How he learnt by being in the changerooms with his father
  • What age he started playing competitively
  • At what point he thought he could play professionally
  • How important his mentors were
  • At what point he believed he was good enough for first-class cricket
  • How he dealt with playing Murali
  • How he aims to create an environment that is free of fear
  • Plus a whole lot more
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