“When someone says, just do what you do best, you sort of have to think, well what is it that I do best? And it’s even a matter of perception….I guess the difference between them (the world’s best players) and the rest of us is that they know exactly what they do well. “

In this episode of The Process of Success podcast, I sat down with New South Welshman turned Victorian Chris Tremain, who was recently voted the Sheffield Shield Player of the Year after an outstanding season that saw him take 51 wickets from 10 matches at an amazing average of 21.

Chris is a country boy who loves to get out into nature and in the past few years has turned into one of Australia’s premier fast-bowlers. Like most successful athletes and most of the guests we’ve had on our show so far, he hasn’t had it all his own way though.

In this interview, Trem gives us an insight into his journey to success!

In this episode we discussed: 

  • How his first mentor helped him hone his skills from a young age and how he still helps him get out of bed when things are tough
  • How perception is reality and why that’s important
  • How his goals were to be a professional cricketer and how he always believed he would be even though now he believes there was a lot of luck involved.
  • How making a conscious decision to give up alcohol helped shape his career.
  • How getting fitter and stronger helped him bowl faster and for longer.
  • What the best players do to separate themselves from the rest
  • Plus a whole lot more
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