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Ben Brown batting for Sussex CCC vs Leicestershire CCC in May 2018 (Photo:

“I started to think, well if I play conventionally I’m just going to get out. So I started to work out I wanted to play differently. I’m a backfoot player. I’m a bottom hand player. But I’d always felt that I’d been coached to play off the front foot with my top hand. And I went and saw Trent (Woodhill) and it almost confused him so much that I’d even bother to get on the front foot or even play with my top hand. So what he did was talked about my strengths  & said we’re going to hammer the strengths… we play so aggressively in our strengths that the weaknesses won’t matter.”

Ben Brown or Browny as he goes by, has played first-class cricket for 11 years and is regarded as one of the best wicket-keepers in England. Having played 117 first-class matches, Browny has a huge amount of experience and at the age of just 29, he still has a very long career ahead of him.

In 2017 he took over the captaincy of Sussex County Cricket Club midway through the season and this year, 2018 was officially made the club captain. 

With a first-class average of a touch under 40 and an average of over 47 this season, Browny is the ultimate all-rounder and if it wasn’t for the dominance of Jonny Bairstow & Jos Buttler, he would seriously be up there for the next in line keeper for England.

I really enjoyed doing this interview with Browny as he’s one of my best mates so it was great to hear his story and the journey of how he got to where he is today. 

In this episode we discussed: 

  • How he’s born and raised in Sussex and has been a part of their system right the way through the underage groups to the senior team
  • How he made his first-class debut at the age of 18 against Sri Lanka
  • How he manages his preparation in terms of keeping & batting and how that’s changed throughout his career
  • What it was like being Matt Prior’s understudy and learning what he learnt from him while he was at the height of his powers
  • How playing grade cricket in Perth helped him both on and off the field
  • What he’s working on as a leader and how he’s constantly having to audit himself.

Plus a whole lot more.

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