Adam Voges discusses leadership, mindset and culture on The Process of Success podcast

“I was very specific in how I would go about preparing for each game”

In this episode of The Process of Success podcast, I sat down with former Australian star (and my Melville CC teammate) Adam Voges to discuss his journey from a tearaway left-arm quick bowler to getting compared to Bradman.
In this episode I asked Adam:
  • What his earliest memory of playing cricket was (1:56)
  • What age he started to get private coaching (3:12)
  • How often he trained as a teenager (4:30)
  • Who his mentors were growing up and throughout his career (5:30)
  • How he progressed from a promising left-arm chinaman into a batter that bowls left-arm orthodox (8:00)
  • What was driving him when he wasn’t being selected to play international cricket (11:40)
  • How he managed his game between different formats (13:58)
  • What was driving him after being dropped from the Australia ODI & T20 team (15:39)
  • What technical and mental changes he made in his game (18:25)
  • What are some common themes he’s seen in the world’s best players (21:45)
  • How he bounced back from a tough start to the 2015 Ashes in England (24:15)
  • What his mindset was when he was churning out huge runs (30:30)
  • What his habits and routines are (32:42)
  • How he deals with mistakes (35:10)
  • How he switches off from the game (37:20)
  • What he thinks are the key factors that make a good leader (38:43)
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