Tom Scollay

Cricket Mentoring Founder & Head Mentor

I founded Cricket Mentoring as I’m trying to be the mentor I wish I had. Throughout my career, I showed that when at my best, my skills were as good as most. But I struggled to consistently perform at my best. I now know that’s because I didn’t understand my thoughts and emotions and how greatly they impacted my performance.

Even when I was a professional cricketer I spent so much time working on my technique but completely neglected my mental skills and as a result couldn’t handle my emotions in the big games. This is the main reason I wasn’t able to reach my full potential and have a long, successful professional career.

Now I’m on a mission to help serious & committed cricketers around the world (no matter what age or ability as long as they have a hunger to learn & improve), become better players and more confident people.

All of our content (videos, articles & podcasts) at Cricket Mentoring, aims to educate and inspire with a focus on all 6 Pillars of Success (Technical, Tactical, Mental, Emotional, Physical & Lifestyle) required for peak performance.

I hope you learn something that helps you on your journey of being the best you can be.