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“Throughout the time that Tom has been mentoring our boys we have noticed a huge improvement in their overall skill sets including batting, bowling and fielding. The training sessions are rigorous but fun and the boys love Tom’s enthusiastic approach. The boys have become confident cricket players as a result of Tom’s training. Tom takes a personal interest in his students and we appreciate the fact that he always enquires about how they are performing after their matches. We highly recommend Tom as a cricket coach because he has a wealth of experience at first class level and his approach to coaching makes every training session enjoyable.” – Step-Father of Obed (10) & Dancy (7)

“The thing that has helped me the most is how he has taught me to think like a batsman, staying focused for long periods of time and not playing that one rash stroke that ends your innings.” – Travis (13)

“During the winter I was looking to improve my batting and was referred to Tom. By working on my weaknesses and developing my strengths through different drills and scenarios my game has improved in all areas. He has also helped me gain a more variety of shots that I can play in a game which creates more run scoring opportunities. Tom has a lot of experience at a high level of cricket and I would definitely recommend him as a batting coach for anyone looking to improve their game. He is very approachable, easily to get along with and has all the skills to help any cricketer with their game, no matter what level you play at.” – Luke (17)

“Tom has helped me develop simple processes to be able to stay calm at the crease. Every session has been valuable and he always challenges me to get the most out of myself. I have been enjoying my cricket and my performances are constantly improving since I started being mentored by Tom.” – Jack (21)