Scolls & Australian Cricket Star Nicole Bolton

When I go into the nets…you’re not getting me out. I’m looking to score, but everything that I practice in the nets is reflective of how I go about it in a game.

Nicole Bolton has without doubt been Western Australia’s finest female cricketer in the past decade but as you’ll hear in this episode it’s been a roller-coaster ride for her that’s included the highs of scoring a century on international debut while the lows have forced her to take multiple breaks from the game at different stages of her career.

She has openly spoken in the past about the mental health issues she’s had to deal with and overcome and she was incredibly honest about her struggles in this conversation. This is a very insightful conversation from an exceptional cricketer and very raw conversation with a lovely human being.

Please be aware there are parts of this conversation that could act as a trigger for people with mental health issues.  If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or any mental health issues then please remember that you aren’t alone. Speak to someone and seek help.

Now lets get into this episode.

In this episode we discussed:

  • How she didn’t start playing cricket until she was 15 & made her debut for WA at 16!
  • How she took two years away from the game in her early 20’s after falling out of love with it
  • Scoring a century on debut for Australia in an Ashes series
  • Her mental health battles.
  • The key to her playing her best cricket at the moment.

Plus so much more!