Scolls & Former BBL Star Michael Klinger

“What I tried to do was up skill the shots I was good at so that I nailed them 9 out of 10 times…and then I tried to develop the shots that I wasn’t as good at.

Today’s guest was one of the best batters in Australian domestic cricket and county cricket over the past 10 years. Michael scored almost 25,000 runs in professional cricket for 3 different states and Gloucestershire County Cricket Club in the UK. 

When he retired he was the leading run-scorer in Big Bash history and one of the most dominant and consistent batters in T20 domestic cricket in Australia and the UK. However he wasn’t always an excellent or even good T20 batter and when he was younger, his game certainly wasn’t set up for that. 

Through some thoughtful planning around understanding his strengths and accessing the risks involved with certain shots, he evolved himself and his game into someone who dominated all 3 formats of the game.

Despite his phenomenal numbers in the back half of his career Klinger managed just the 3 international matches for Australia and he shares the reason why he thinks that was the case.

In this episode we spoke about how he managed his game between Australia and the UK and the different challenges that he faced.

Having transitioned from playing to professional coaching last year, it was fascinating to hear how Klinger now views the game as a coach and what he looks for technically in batters as a result of what he found out about his own game late in his career.

There’s so much value in this episode, so lets get into it!

In this episode we discussed:

  • His earliest memories of playing cricket
  • Making his first grade debut at the age of 15
  • His pathway to making his professional debut for Victoria
  • Transitioning from red ball cricket to T20 cricket
  • Playing T20 cricket for Australia
  • Becoming a professional coach for the Melbourne Renegades

And so much more about the rest of his journey!