Spin Bowling Academy 2024

“Spinners are not made, they are born with a special gift. Not every spinner can spin the ball prodigious distances, nor can they bowl every variety of delivery available to them. They must get to know themselves by means of practice and obsessive visualisation to develop their ‘feel’, this is necessary to deliver their best results.”

Terry Jenner – Shane Warne’s coach and mentor

Wouldn’t it be nice to get to cricket on the weekend and feel confident knowing you’ve trained your skills and are ready?! For the first time, we are offering the opportunity for cricketers to participate in our Winter Spin Bowling Academy in 2024.

We recognise that being a great spinner, and a great cricketer in general, is not just about having a good technical skills.

This program will focus on a wide range of success criteria, and this will be addressed in each of the following four session types:

1. Bowling Fundamentals: These sessions will focus on developing a powerful, efficient and repeatable bowling action. The bowling action needs to be tailored to fit the physical requirements of the bowler.

2. Variation Sessions: Leg breaks, googlies and sliders. The mystery of the different deliveries will be unpacked in these sessions.

3. Case Studies: Here we will analyse footage of some of the world’s best bowlers, and discuss what makes them so effective.

4. Tactical Sessions: In order to get the best out of yourself, it is important that you are able to adapt to conditions. In these sessions we will discuss things like field settings, plans and the mental side of the game.

How It Will Look

  • Spin Bowling Academy (leg spin & finger Spin)

  • Tuesdays 4:30pm – 6pm
  • First session: Tues 16th July for 8 weeks. Last session: Tues 3rd Sept
  • Gosnells Indoor Cricket Centre
  • Investment
    • Cricket Mentoring Community Members: $500 + GST
    • Non-Cricket Mentoring Community Members: $600 + GST

Academy Mentors

At Cricket Mentoring, we believe that to be successful, athletes & coaches must be working on themselves in these 6 key areas:

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