Sam Whiteman discusses dealing with injuries and pressure to perform on The Process of Success podcast

This is a great interview with Sam Whiteman as it’s another interesting story and as a wicket-keeper Whitey gives you another perspective on the game.

Whiteman was a very good young cricketer who progressed through the ranks in WA cricket to make his first-class debut as an opening batsman at the age of 20. After having a brilliant season for WA 2013-14 Whiteman was selected for Australia A where he went on to score a century against India A And was touted as the next Australia wicket-keeper which he may well be right if it wasn’t for a cruel run of injuries over the past few seasons.

In this episode we discussed: 

  • Making his 1st-grade debut at a young age
  • How he made the transition from the country to the city as a teenager
  • How thinking about higher honors caused him to go backward
  • How he dealt with multiple injury setbacks
  • How he manages his preparation for both keeping and batting
  • What his process and routines are like before matches
  • How he deals with the pressure of big matches 
  • Plus a lot more
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