Ryan James

Spin Bowling Specialist

Ryan is a very experienced leg spin bowler who has played over 100 first grade games in the WACA Premier cricket competition. As a former Western Australia Warriors squad member he was also on the Perth Scorchers supplementary list after leading the WACA Premier Cricket T20 wicket tally several years in a row.

On top of Ryan’s match experience he has received specialised spin coaching from the likes of Greg Matthews, Stuart McGill and Brad Hogg, resulting in a great understanding of both the technical and mental aspects of spin bowling.

Ryan has been coaching spin bowling for a number of years and is very thorough and passionate about what he does.

“I really enjoy working and helping other spin bowlers with their game, particularly young spinners making the transition from juniors to seniors. Throughout my career there were very few spin coaches available to provide me with the support I needed, making it a very lonely and uncertain place at times. Making sure spin bowlers have someone to support, guide and develop them through every stage of their career is essential and something I love doing.”