Inner Circle: Monthly

$297.00 / month

We want to help you become your best – on and off the field. We only get one life and we’re passionate about helping people – no matter how old or where in the world they are – live a better life. We created our Inner Circle so that you aren’t limited with the support and guidance you need just because of where you live. The digital world connects us so easily and this is an opportunity for a small number of people to have one of the world’s best and most sort after coaches/mentors as your personal mentor. If you’re determined to do everything you can to give yourself the best chance of succeeding in your cricket and life and you’re willing to invest in yourself we’re here to help you!



Do you want to take your game to a new level and reach your full potential on and off the field? Our founder and head mentor Tom Scollay (Scolls) has become one of the most sort after coaches/mentors in the world and this is your chance to have him as your personal mentor. If you’re serious about becoming the best you can be you need to invest in yourself (time, energy & money). Not only will Scolls give you tips, tools and techniques to implement immediately on and off the field so that you can start achieving what you desire, but he will also check in regularly to keep you accountable for your training and preparation standards.

What this includes:

  • One 45 minute coaching call per month (value: $120)
  • A monthly training program (value: $199)
  • Two video analysis sessions per month with feedback on your technique/ game (value: $150)
  • A fortnightly live group chat to talk about any themes/ trends happening in the game and to answer any questions people have (value: $200)
  • Total Value: $749

Don’t do it alone. We’ve been there and have experienced so many ups and downs in life and this great game and want to help fast-track your progression and development so that you can achieve the success you so desperately desire!


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