Grove Royale Makers Choice Bat (Short Handle)


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Hand crafted in Australia from individually selected grade one English Willow. The Makers Choice is our top model and typically have the best grains in our range but there is also a emphasis on optimum performance. This season we have made a conscious effort to pick the lightest clefts with maximum rebound.

The Royale has a mid profile that maintains power throughout the whole blade. The toe is finished square and the face very slightly convexed with very minimal concaving in the back of the blade.

Grove handles are uniquely designed to ensure maximum power while providing unrivalled feel throughout the blade. All Grove bats come with a slightly oval handle. Handle thickness is slightly thinner than average as we believe aids the performance, some players may wish to add another grip.

Out of stock



Bats made in Australia from hand selected wood. The Makers Choice bats are the top of the range bats from Grove that are for players wanting the best willow in their hands.

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Dimensions 16 × 1 × 12 cm


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