Power Hitting Online Course

Improve Your Hitting & Increase Your Power.

Learn the method used by the best hitters in the game so you can hit with more consistency and clear the boundary more often.

Power Hitting Online Course

Improve Your Hitting & Increase Your Power.

Learn the method used by the best hitters in the game so you can hit with more consistency and clear the boundary more often.

Do you want to hit the ball harder & further + have the confidence to do it when the time is right? (Who doesn’t?)

Well, this Power Hitting Online Course is for you.

Having the ability to clear the field or hit a 6 when needed is something every batter desires.

With so much T20 cricket at all levels, one of the most common things we get asked is ‘how do I improve my power hitting?’ After many years of coaching batters in person how to improve their power hitting, we’ve decided the time is right to share our knowledge with batters around the world.

Whether you’re a youngster who’s learning the game or an older, more experienced cricketer, being able to hit the ball hard and far has never been more important or in demand.

This online course will teach you the method (technique and mindset) that the world’s best batters use to make power hitting look easy and effortless so you can hit the ball a long way.

Every technical, tactical and mental technique or tip taught in this online course is what we’ve learned from our own experiences playing at an elite level or through our relationship with some of the world’s best batting/hitting coaches and two of Australia’s best T20 batters (scroll down to see who our friends and mentors are that we learn from).

As good as this course is, it isn’t a magic pill that will instantly turn you into a power hitting machine. While the information is world-class and will teach you the method, you’ve still got to put in the work to implement what you’ve learned. You have to go away and practice what you’ve learned so that you can then execute it when needed ‘(under pressure in games).

If you’re willing to invest in yourself and your development, this course is the beginning of you becoming a gun when it comes to power hitting.

  • Learn anywhere, anytime

  • 12+ video tutorials

  • Develop a method to help you hit 4’s & 6’s

  • Have the confidence to take the game on

  • Increase power and hitting consistency

  • Score more runs


Since Cricket Mentoring was founded 5 years ago, we’ve become the most loved and trusted cricket coaching and mentoring brand in the world.

With almost half a million followers on our social media channels and students all over the world, there’s a reason people love our content, because…


There’s every chance you’re already working with a local coach or have plans to get private coaching from someone in your area. That’s great! This course certainly doesn’t limit you from doing that…

But why limit your learning to someone who lives near you when you can learn game-changing and life changing information?

We are promising you the fastest and easiest way to overcome your power hitting struggles that are holding you back and become the batter you know you can be.

But first, let me make it clear…


While we could charge thousands of dollars for this coaching (which people pay to work one on one with us), we’re committed to making high-quality cricket coaching as accessible as possible so as many serious and committed cricketers who want to, can use it to make their cricket dreams a reality…


1 payment of $97 (Aussie Dollars)

Still unsure? We’ll make it easy for you…

We’re so confident that the content of this course will help you overcome your issues and fast-track your game that we offer a no questions asked, full refund if you’re not happy with the content of the course within the first 7 days!

So you can literally purchase it, go through all the content numerous times and then get your money back if you’re not happy (I really hope you won’t take advantage of this generous offer).

In the lead up to this year’s Big Bash, I have been working hard at evolving my hitting with the help and guidance of the CM team. Scolls has brought a few new ideas and concepts which have not only allowed me to hit the ball further, but also access parts of the ground I’ve previously struggled to hit.

Jon Wells, Adelaide Strikers BBL

The CM boys understand hitting for T20 cricket incredibly well. We’ve spoken a lot about it over the past few years and they’ve given me some great help with my game.

Josh Philippe, Australia, Sydney Sixers BBL, WA

Who’s developed this course?

Tom Scollay – Founder & Head Mentor

I’ve been working with Big Bash stars Josh Philippe and Jon Wells for some time and am fortunate to coach/mentor some of WA & Australia’s best young batters including Australian under 19 squad members Teague Wyllie & Liam Blackford. I’m very lucky to have former Aussie opening batter, Chris Rogers, as my best mate which means I’m always up to date with the latest techniques and method that’s happening at the top level. 

Blake Reed – Senior Mentor

I’ve been Scolls understudy for the past 5 years and with a background in baseball, I absolutely love the art of power hitting. I watch a lot of baseball and try to bring in their methods and training drills to help the players I work with hit the ball harder and further.

Who we learn from

We’re fortunate to have an amazing network who we learn from including:

Sometimes it’s just a small tweak that makes all the difference…