TERM 4 2022

The best way to improve your skills & Have loads of fun this school term

Join our experienced and enthusiastic mentors who will help you discover your true potential.


At Cricket Mentoring, we have a saying…”train it then trust it”.


We believe confidence comes from trusting your ability to execute your skills when needed. The best way to trust your skills is to be well prepared and the best way to be well prepared is to practice (with purpose) regularly.


This 8-week coaching program will focus on improving the fundamentals of all the skills of cricket (batting, bowling, fielding & wicket-keeping) and well as fitness, decision-making, and mindset which are crucial to a cricketer’s performance.


We believe everyone has the potential to be an excellent cricketer if they are willing to put in the time & effort.


Regardless if you want to be a ‘great’ cricketer or not, to enjoy playing (and therefore keep playing long-term) the key is to have a decent level of competence.


It doesn’t matter what level you’re at right now, if you meet the following criteria, then we’d love to have you a part of our summer coaching program:

  • Aged 7 to 13
  • Love cricket
  • Want to learn and get better
  • Have a good attitude


8 x one-hour sessions

Fridays 4:30-5:30pm & 5:30-6:30pm (begins Friday 21st October)

Held at Fletcher Park, Carlisle

Spaces are limited


At the end of the program, everyone will:

  • Have improved their technical fundamentals
  • Better understand their strengths so they can build upon them while becoming aware of their weaknesses so they can develop those areas
  • Understand the game (tactics) better
  • Have had lots of fun & made new friends


$250 + GST (per person)
EFT bank transfer (Please put the participant’s name as the reference)
BSB: 066124
AC: 10440786
Name: Inside Edge Experience

Pay online (via credit or debit card)

PLEASE NOTE: Once you’ve paid, please FILL OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE below so we know who’s registered (If you are unable to pay now, you can still register your child and pay later):

Who we are

We are Perth-based cricket coaches and mentors that help individuals (cricketers, coaches, and parents) and groups (clubs, schools and academies) around the world develop themselves in all of ‘The 6 Pillars of Success’.


With nearly half a million followers across our social media channels, we’ve become the world’s leading cricket coaching and mentoring brand through our care for our athletes, deep knowledge of the game and the focus we put on the mental skills athletes require to perform at their best consistently.


While we coach/mentor some of the game’s best players (click here to view some of the athletes we mentor), we work with beginners as young as 5 years old and everyone in between. We have a track record of developing highly skilled cricketers and with a team of excellent and enthusiastic mentors, no matter where your game is at right now, we can help you!

Click here to find out more about us and why Cricket Mentoring exists.


No matter where you are in the world, overcome your struggles and become a little bit better every day with the Cricket Mentoring Community.

Filled with experienced cricketers and mentors to help you develop your skills, mindset and understanding of the game. Built to help you score more runs, take more wickets, and feel more confident, on and off the field.