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We have recently launched our online programs for aspiring and established cricketers alike. Conducted by ex-professional players, the Peak Performance program offers a holistic approach to cricket and focuses on creating a successful mindset by improving a player’s mental skills. 

Australian cricketing legends Steve Waugh and Greg Chappell believe that cricket is 90% mental and 10% physical. So why are training programs so heavily focused on the physical and the mental side often an afterthought? We believe technical and mental skills go hand-in-hand to be your best.

This program has been designed quite differently to traditional coaching programs and aims to assist players of all levels. This is a 12-week program that addresses topics such as: goals, beliefs, confidence, focus, attention and concentration, the zone/ flow state, fear of failure, dealing with expectations and pressure, routines and habits. 

To find out more information and to register click here.

How will this program help you become your best?

  • Learn life skills to use on & off the cricket field
  • Create epic belief in yourself
  • Improve confidence
  • Improve concentration & focus
  • Develop of positive mindset towards your game
  • Create lifelong routines & habits
  • Understand how to ‘get in the zone’
  • Learn to quieten the judgemental self


Tom Scollay batting for Middlesex CCC


Simon Keen batting for Blacktown CC


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