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(This video gives you an example of what a coaching call is like)

Cricket Mentoring is dedicated to helping cricketers of all ages and abilities learn the skills (technical, tactical, mental & emotional) needed to become their best. As a global leader in cricket coaching and mentoring it’s our mission to help cricketers become both better players and also better people. We get asked all the time about helping people from all over the world and thanks to technology we can. No matter where you live, we can help you!

What’s is a coaching call?

  • A chat via video technology where we talk through your issues and areas of improvement
  • You inform the mentor of what you’re struggling with and we give you tips and techniques of how to overcome your issues
  • It’s the same as an in person chat it’s just done via technology
  • Generally people’s biggest issues isn’t their technique but more a mental or emotional issue that’s holding them back

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to overcome their current struggles, take their game to a new level and is willing to invest (time, energy & money) in themselves.

How do we do it?

Step 1: Purchase and pay for a coaching call via the button below

Step 2: Fill in all your contact details when at ‘the checkout’

Step 3: You will be contacted via email or text by a member of the CM team to arrange a time to do the coaching call

Step 4: The coaching call will happen at the arranged time via a video calling service (Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp etc) for the allocated amount of time


This vlog (0:42-3:02) is another example of a coaching call