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  1. mjhetzeljnr November 6, 2018 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    Hey Tom, had a struggle this past weekend, I am opening batsmen for our team just started playing again after 5 years so i am still easing back into it, had a couple of good knocks and feel solid when i am at the crease. The only problem i find is that the bowlers can’t get me out i get myself out with silly shots. Trying to stay in the moment and bat ball by ball but there is always that one shot that is not on and then i throw it away. Had a sure 100 on this past weekend and played a shot that was not on and got myself out on 70 caught at mid on. How can i get my mind stronger and try and improve that as the rest of my game is feeling really solid, seems i am my own worst enemy at the moment when i get to the crease. Cheers bud.

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