• Online mentoring programs created by ex-professional players

  • Available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

  • Access to our mentors through our online community of aspiring cricketers

  • Ongoing access to programs so you can work through them at your own pace

  • Designed to supplement any coaching or training program

  • Holistic approach to cricket – focusing on mental skills & emotional intelligence training

  • Set clear goals of what you want to achieve then make a plan to achieve them

  • Become aware of yourself as a player and person to consistently perform at your best

  • Improve your Belief, Confidence, Focus & Concentration + learn to deal with the Fear

1 ON 1

  • Online (via Video calls & video analysis) or in Person (WA & NSW)

  • Skills Training: Specialist batting, fast-bowling, spin-bowling or wicket-keeping mentors

  • Mindset Training: Create an elite mindset to consistently perform at your best.

  • Improve confidence, think clearly under pressure, have self-belief + more

  • Develop an understanding of your game & build a game plan around your strengths

  • Connect with a mentor of your choice, who offers on-going support and guidance

  • Customised for each individual’s skill set + Strengths & weaknesses

  • Contact us to book or if you have any questions


  • Groups of 2-6
  • Fun & challenging environment tailored to all skill levels
  • Specific skills training & competetive net sessions
  • Focus on game awareness & mindset when in different situations
  • Players challenged through different match situations & scenarios
  • Contact us to book or if you have any questions


  • Cricket specific programs for your skill (batting, Fast-bowler etc) & experience

  • Programs designed by former professional cricketer with 10+ years in cricket strength & conditioning

  • Improve strength, endurance, agility, flexibility
  • Focus on mobility, recovery & injury prevention
  • Follow exercises and programs used by world’s best players
  • Videos demonstrating correct technique for each exercise
  • Program downloadable so you can print it off and take it to the gym with you


  • Apply to join the Cricket Mentoring International Academy

  • Receive mentoring and coaching from our expert mentors no matter where you’re from

  • International school & club cricket tours

  • Player placement programs in Australia & UK
  • Spend a cricket season abroad playing in different conditions