Martin Hagger discusses an elite mindset and common traits amongst the world's best athletes for The Process of Success podcast
In this episode of The Process of Success podcast, I sat down with sports psychologist Martin Hagger to discuss what it takes to have an elite mindset.

Martin Hagger is a Professor, psychologist, sports psychologist, lecturer, speaker, author, researcher and athlete himself who travels the world researching the mind and human behavior

It’s a change up for us in this interview as I step away from cricketers and instead interview a sports psychologist. I’m pumped about this interview with Martin Hagger as there’s so many practical mental conditioning tips and techniques that the world’s best athletes use that you can use yourself. 

In this episode we discussed:
  • The mindset that separates the absolute best from those that aren’t quite as good
  • Why teams or individuals choke
  • How to deal with anxiety and fear
  • How to shut out mental distractions while competing
  • How people can motivate themselves by setting goals
  • How people can build confidence into their games and lives
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