Josh Philippe – Behind The Grill Online Program launching Monday 27th April


We’re really excited to bring you an incredible insight into one of the best young cricketers in Australia right now. Josh Philippe was the Player of the Match in the Big Bash Final and won the Sydney Sixers Player of the Tournament after a number of match-winning knocks at the top of the order.

Knowing how special Josh is as a player and the value he has to offer other aspiring cricketers, we spent a day filming with him to get a deep insight into how he goes about his game. This is an incredible insight into a hugely successful cricketer who is at the top of his game right now and a must watch for all aspiring cricketers who want to get inside the mind of an elite cricketer to take their own game to a new level!

As Tony Robbins once said, “Success leaves clues” so why not take this opportunity to learn from one of the game’s most exciting prospects. For a small investment, it could be the thing that changes your game and life significantly!

Philippe said, “I’m stoked to have the opportunity to share a really in depth insight into my game with the Cricket Mentoring community and hope some young cricketers around the world take something out of it to move closer to their goals.”

The program will be available on the Cricket Mentoring online academy on Monday 27th April.