We’re extremely excited to announce that we’re continuing our partnership with Grove cricket for another 12 months. Grove has been an excellent supporter of Cricket Mentoring for the past 2 years and we’re thrilled to continue our relationship. Grove supplies us with all of our cricket gear and this new partnership includes a discount of all Grove cricket gear for our community. Please click on any of the products below to find out more information or contact us to purchase some gear.

Grove Majestic Supreme Bat (Short Handle)

$795.00 (AUD)

Grove Royale Exclusive Bat (Short Handle)

$650.00 (AUD)

Grove Majestic Limited Bat (Short Handle)

$525.00 (AUD)

Grove Majestic Limited Bat (Short Handle)

$395.00 (AUD)

Grove Makers Choice Batting Gloves

$149.00 (AUD)

Grove Exclusive Batting Gloves

$99.00 (AUD)

Grove Limited Batting Gloves

$79.00 (AUD)

Grove Supreme Batting Gloves

$65.00 (AUD)

Grove Makers Choice Batting Pads

$175.00 (AUD)

Grove Exclusive Batting Pads

$135.00 (AUD)

Grove Limited Batting Pads

$115.00 (AUD)

If you’re interested in purchasing some gear you can do it directly through the website but please make sure you FILL OUT ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION including your phone number and email address so that we can contact you if needed. Any Grove sales through Cricket Mentoring also supports us and allows us to continue to do what we’re doing. If you have any questions or specific requests, please email