Dawid Malan discusses how he succeeded against Australia in the Ashes for The Process of Success podcast

Photo: Middlesex CCC

“The more you do things in training, the less you second guess yourself”

In our first ever episode of The Cricket Mentoring Podcast (previously known as The Process of Success), I sat down with England star (and my former Middlesex CCC teammate) Dawid Malan to discuss his journey to becoming an International star.
Malan was one of the ‘new boys’ in the England Test team when they arrived in Australia for the Ashes in 2017/18 but only a few months later has developed a reputation as one of the world’s best players!
In this interview, Malan gives us an insight into his journey to success!
In this episode I asked Dawid:
  • What his earliest memory of playing cricket was (1:29)
  • What age he started playing competitively (2:57)
  • What age he thought that cricket is something he could do professionally (4:57)
  • Who his mentors are (8:35)
  • How he stayed motivated when he wasn’t being selected to play international cricket (9:33)
  • What he did to ‘simplify’ his game with Gary Kirsten?
  • How he deals with failure (15:21)
  • Do the tough times help drive him when he gets in (18:23)
  • What his routine looks like (19:31)
  • How Joe Root trains (23:36)
  • How he trained for the Ashes and whether it allowed him to stay calm when facing 150km/h during the Ashes (24:51)
  • How he trained to get out of his comfort zone
  • What he does to switch off away from cricket (28:52)
  • How he deals with sledging and what his pre-ball routine is (31:19)
  • Common themes that he’s seen from players he’s played with and against (34:22)
  • The best piece of advice he’s ever received