For us, little things make a big difference which is why we go deep into the fundamentals of batting & beyond

What We Believe In – The 6 Pillars Of Success

Over the last 20 years of playing, coaching & mentoring at an elite level, we’ve seen so many highly skilled (some people say ‘talented’) athletes who continually underperform. Why? They lack the understanding of how to get into their best ‘state’ physically, mentally & emotionally to perform at their best when it counts.

At Cricket Mentoring, we believe that to be successful & consistently perform at your best, you must be working on yourself in these 6 key areas:

Discover What It Takes To Be The Very Best

No matter where you are in the world, overcome your struggles and become a little bit better every day with the Cricket Mentoring Community.

Filled with experienced cricketers and mentors to help you develop your skills, mindset and understanding of the game. Built to help you score more runs, take more wickets, and feel more confident, on and off the field.

We’re In It For The Long Haul, Are You?

“Tom’s role in my career has been exceptional. He’s always the first bloke to message me after a hard day or a good day saying ‘well done’ or ‘head up’. We’ve worked with each the last 5 years. He’s been with me every step of the way, so I can easily say that I wouldn’t be where I am without the help, the coaching and the mentoring that he’s put into me. I just can’t thank him enough for all the work he’s put in.”

Teague Wyllie (Australian U19 opening batsman) Live on SportsFM (Perth radio) on 14th Feb 2022 after returning from a successful U19 World Cup.

Cricket Mentoring founder, Tom Scollay, has mentored Teague since the age of 13 and has helped him to fast-track his career to this current day where he is now a professional cricketer for Western Australia and the youngest ever Sheffield Shield winner after their drought breaking win in 2022.

“I’m trying to be the mentor I wish I had.”

G’day legend, Scolls here.

I founded Cricket Mentoring because I’m trying to be the mentor that I wish I had. While I’m proud of everything I achieved as a player, I know I didn’t reach my full potential. I love working with highly ambitious cricketers as I see a younger version of myself and because I wasn’t able to reach my goal of playing international cricket, I’m desperate to be a part of developing domestic and international cricketers around the world.

Since launching Cricket Mentoring (CM) in August 2016, we’ve grown our social following to almost half a million and have become the global leader in coaching and mentoring serious and committed cricketers and coaches around the world.

Our brand has been built on the back of our focus on all of The 6 Pillars of Success, particularly the mental and emotional skills and off-field habits and behaviours an athlete needs to consistently perform at their best.

If you’re fully committed to becoming the best cricketer and person you can be, we’d love to be on your journey with you and guide you through the ups and downs of the game while helping you understand yourself, your game and the game better so you can continue to improve and perform at your best consistently.

Ultimately, we want to help you live your best life and be happy. It’s not just about becoming the best cricketer you can, but also becoming a healthy and happy person off the field.