Don’t let lockdown stop you from preparing for the upcoming season! This Community is an online place for serious and committed cricketers and coaches to develop their skills, mindsets and understanding of the game, while connecting with other cricket lovers around the world.

Join now and get a head start on your upcoming cricket season PLUS take advantage of our special offer

Don’t let lockdown stop you from preparing for the upcoming season! This Community is an online place for serious and committed cricketers and coaches to develop their skills, mindsets and understanding of the game, while connecting with other cricket lovers around the world.

Join now and get a head start on your upcoming cricket season PLUS take advantage of our special offer

What Is The Cricket Mentoring Community?

Stuck in lockdown? We’re here to help…

Having spoken to friends and former teammates in the UK, we know how hard it’s been for most people for the past year. With the country in an on-going lockdown, and a lot of people unable to do any physical training, most people will be sitting around waiting for things to change. That doesn’t have to be you though as lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t becoming a better cricketer.

To be the best you can be requires dedication. So many people say they want to do well on the cricket field but their actions don’t match their ambitions and they therefore fall short of their own expectations, which is never a nice thing! Any cricketer will know that making a low score, getting hit around the park or dropping a catch is an awful feeling. At Cricket Mentoring we want to see you succeed, on and off the field. BUT, only if you’re willing to put in the work?!

For this reason, the CRICKET MENTORING COMMUNITY (CMC) ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. This isn’t for bare minimum cricketers or social cricketers ❌  The CMC has been created as a place for serious and committed cricketers to come to learn and develop themselves ✅  Regardless of what level you’re playing right now, the one thing that everyone in this Online Community has in common is their hunger to learn and be better than they are right now. And to do more than just hit balls or bowl at their weekly training sessions. After all, life is short and if you’re going to spend so much time ‘doing’ (playing & training) cricket, you should at least try and do it as well as you possibly can, right? 🤷🏻‍♂️

With over 20 years of experience in elite cricket, we know that there’s much more to on and off field success than simply hitting a good cover drive or bowling a good outswinger. Mental skills, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, game awareness, planning and reflecting, as well as behaviour away from the cricket field or nets, are all vital components of cricketing success. The CMC aims to help you develop yourself in all 6 Pillars of Success (Technical, Tactical, Mental, Emotional, Physical & Lifestyle) while also helping you develop your understanding of the game so you can score more runs, take more wickets and ultimately be happier in your life. If you’re willing to put in the work, then we guarantee the CMC will make you a better cricketer 🏏  💯

As a Member, Each Month, You’ll Get Access To:

✅    Members Only Private Online Community to learn from and network with other aspiring cricketers & coaches around the world
✅    Insights and Q & A’s with professional cricketers and coaches
✅    Regular Live Q & A’s with Scolls to answer your questions and help you with what you’re struggling with
✅    New coaching videos covering key concepts and techniques in all 6 Pillars of Success (Min 2)
✅    The Foundations of a Champion video series
✅    A new Cricket Mentoring eBook
✅    Public video analysis sessions & ‘shot fixer’ videos to upskill technical analysis and understanding
✅    Links to online content (articles, videos and podcasts) that focus on Success and Peak Performance (weekly)
✅    Exclusive members only discounts within the CM community
✅    Earlybird access to all new CM programs and events

Need Help With Something? Get Access To Your Own Personal Mentors

The aim of this Online Community is to give aspiring cricketers and coaches a place to deepen their learning and development of their mindset, skills sets, game understanding and strategy PLUS everything off the field that results in high-performance.

While you may or may not already have access to a high-quality coach, we know that so many cricketers have unanswered questions about their game and the game in general. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a private coach that you work with, we know from experience that most people still have issues or problems and have no one to ask for solutions. A big part of this Community is having the ability to ask questions when you are struggling with something. As a member of the CMC you get access to our highly-experienced mentors who are here to answer your questions so that you can overcome whatever issues you’re facing in your game. CMC members also get access to regular LIVE Q & A sessions with Cricket Mentoring founder, Tom Scollay, who has become one of the most in demand cricket coaches and mentors in the world.

We are very lucky to live in a time where technology connects us around the world, so why not take advantage of that and develop your skills away from the nets? 

Learn From Some Of The Best Players & Coaches In The World

As a member of the Cricket Mentoring Community, you will be able to learn directly from some of the best cricket minds in the world! Each month, we will give you access to conversations with world-class players or coaches so you can take their experiences, mistakes and lessons and apply them directly to your game and life to fast-track your development and move closer to your goals. So far, we’ve had the following special guests join us in the CMC:

  • Greg Shipperd (Sydney Sixers Head Coach)
  • Chris Rogers (Former Australian Player, Victoria Men’s Head Coach)
  • Shaun Marsh (Australia & WA Player)
  • Josh Philippe (Sydney Sixers & WA Player)
  • Jordan Silk (Sydney Sixers & Tasmania Player)
  • Nicole Bolton (Australian & WA Player)

Plus many more to come!

Learn From Our Insightful E-Books

Each month we will publish a new eBook that focuses on different skills or elements of the game, which, as a member, you get as part of your membership. Here’s a look at the eBooks we’ve recently published…

Hear From Some Of Our Happy Members Around The World

Regardless of where you’re at right now, if you’re serious and committed to a becoming better player then this online community is for you! The beauty of this Community is it’s all online, with our members from all over the world including big cricketing nations like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & India as well as smaller countries like USA, Sweden & Bermuda.

Who Runs The Cricket Mentoring Community?

Tom Scollay

Scolls is a former professional cricketer with Middlesex County Cricket Club and is the founder of Cricket Mentoring. Over the past four and a half years as Cricket Mentoring has grown around the world, Scolls has become one of the most in demand private coaches and mentors for aspiring cricketers. He is the batting coach at Perth CC and currently mentors a number of Western Australia’s top up and coming boys and girls.

Andrew Walton

Andrew Walton has over 11 years experience as head coach of premier cricket clubs in the Victorian premier cricket competition. He is a Cricket Australia Level 3 coach, has coached in India for the past 8 years, did a 6 week coach development stint with Middlesex CCC in England and is one of the three founders of the MyCricket platform.

Blake Reed

Blake Reed has been Scolls understudy for the past 4 years and at just 25 years of age is developing into an excellent coach and mentor. Reedy represented Western Australia at U19 level and while he grows as a coach, he’s also maturing as a player.  In the 2019/20 season, he was the third leading run-scorer in the WACA Premier cricket competition with 780 runs at an average of 60.


Who is it for?

The Cricket Mentoring Community has been created for anyone who has a growth mindset and is hungry to be better than they are now. If you think you know everything or can’t get any better, then this isn’t for you. While you might not learn something new from everything we share and teach, there will be lots of ideas and information around all 6 Pillars of Success, so there will be plenty of things you will learn that you can implement into your cricket and your life.

To be the best and achieve great things in life, you need to always be learning and investing (time, energy and money) in yourself. Whether you’re a player who wants to be better than you are now, or a coach looking to help your players reach their full potential, then the community is for you!

How do we access it?

The Community will be hosted through on a web platform and iOS App that’s been specifically built for Online Communities like ours. Our Community is private and only members with an active subscription will have access to it. The beautiful thing about this Community is that it’s hosted online so it doesn’t matter where you live! As long as you have access to the internet you can view the content and connect with other aspiring cricketers and coaches from around the world, whenever you want!

How much does it cost?

TO be a member it normally costs $14.95AUD per month (roughly £8.50). However, we’re currently offering a special pre-season price for UK cricketers of £75 for 12 months membership. Take advantage of this special offer and get 3 months free. With information that could be game and life-changing, we think this is a very small investment that will cost less than 3 cups of coffee per month.

What if I already have a private coach?

The Cricket Mentoring Community aims to compliment an in-person coach. The goal is to provide a resource for aspiring cricketers and coaches who want to be the best they can be. Usually, coaches focus primarily on technical and tactical elements of the game and don’t have time to teach the mental and emotional skills needed to perform at your best. So this community has been designed to be available alongside any private coaching you already get.

What if it’s not cricket season right now?

Because we cover elements from all 6 Pillars of Success, the ideas and concepts that we teach in the CMC can be utilised straight away, regardless if you’re in season or not. The most successful people are always looking to learn and develop themselves and this community aims to help you grow as a player and person, regardless of what time of the year it is.

Normally $14.95 (AUD) per month, we’re offering 3 months free access to UK cricketers when you purchase a 12 month membership…


12 Months Membership

Brilliant team who not only focus on cricket but deal with wider aspects of life and focus outside of cricket. Holistic approach to becoming a better cricket player through physical and mental skills and further equip young people to handle lifes ups and downs. Highly recommend.

Leif Powis

Couldn’t recommend cricket mentoring enough ! They’ve helped me become not only a better player, but more importantly helped me shift my mindset and mentality around playing elite sport. No matter the ability of the athlete, the coaches dedicate so much time and effort to make sure every player achieves their goals!!

Georgia Wyllie

Scolls has incredibly in-depth knowledge and know how on batting technique and how to go about maximising your scoring options whilst managing risks. He has a very good understanding of the mind and how to mentor someone to get the best out of them and increase their own self belief.

David Cleary

Tom Scollay has been personally coaching my two sons this year (outside of the Covid restrictions) and I am very happy with the progress they have shown. Due to Tom’s emphasis on technique, balance and positive intent, the boys now noticeably hit the ball harder and straighter with less effort than before. And it is obvious that Tom genuinely cares about their progress and enjoyment of the game. A terrific coach that we look forward to seeing each week.

Julius Szigligeti