Tactical/Mental – Bat without an ego

Who are the best batters?
Easy answer: The ones who score the most runs.

Do the best batters always find batting easy?
Absolutely not!

Do they struggle at times?
Yes. All the time!

Do they do whatever they can (find a way) to get through challenging periods?
Yes! Whatever they have to do to succeed on the day!

As a batter, every single ball is a unique contest with the bowler & ball. It’s very rare that you are in full control and at the top of your game for an entire innings (it feels easy).

In any innings you will go through periods where you struggle. It might be tricky conditions or a quality bowling spell that challenges you.

Take a listen to Head Mentor Tom Scollay, discussing this with one of his athletes in a 1-1 session…

While we want to play with confidence, it is important to recognise these periods and BAT WITH NO EGO. In these challenging times you have to ‘absorb’ the pressure and find a way to get through it.

You might have to put the big cover drives away, look to accumulate 1’s & 2’s instead of looking for boundaries or just defend like your life depends on it.

This is a huge part of scoring big runs and something the best players do.

You will face multiple periods like this in an innings but those who get through them get the rewards on the other side (in the form of big scores).

They could last for an over, 5 overs or even a whole session but they never last forever.

As we’ve said before, THE BEST PLAYERS ARE THE BEST PROBLEM-SOLVERS. They find ways of surviving and scoring while managing the risk of getting out.

You don’t need to have every shot in the book to score runs. But you do have to have good technical fundamentals, excellent self-awareness, exceptional focus on the contest and be smart about your game plan and how you’re going to score (something a lot of batters lack).