Andrew Walton

Andrew has a unique depth of experience from a coaching career that has involvements across the spectrum of cricket in Australia, India and England.

Currently in the Level 3 HP Coach Program with Cricket Australia, behind Andrew is a body of work consisting of being Head Coach in Premier Cricket Men’s clubs Melbourne (3), Prahran (4), Fitzroy Doncaster (2) and Hawthorn Monash University (2), and a season of Premier Cricket Women’s with Plenty Valley.

International experience has been gained from regular annual visits (6) to the Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) in Bangalore as a specialist coach since 2013 and involvement at Middlesex County Cricket Club as a guest coach during the 2014 season.

In 2018, Andrew was appointed by Cricket Victoria as Head Coach of the Blind Cricket team for the NCIC and has since been appointed by Cricket Australia as the Assistant Coach of the National Blind Cricket team.

Apart from proven ability in teaching skills based activities and methods for players from introductory to elite, Andrew has a high level of ability in the development and education of  leadership, game sense, planning, decision making, adaptability and clear thinking to unlock the potential within players and coaches.

“I have been fortunate enough to work with so many wonderful players and coaches at all stages of their careers to challenge and progress my philosophies, methods and behaviours in giving the balance of encouragement and guidance for success to be uncovered. The key elements of focus revolving around.”

  • Understanding – listening & learning to establish relationships of trust;
  • Strategy – think correctly, decision making, help each other, become better at the basics;
  • Organisation – meticulous in preparation, planning and communication;
  • Leadership – cohesive through action and involvement, challenging to improve;
  • Balance – family, health, knowledge, well being