About Us

We are Perth-based cricket coaches and mentors that help individuals (cricketers, coaches, and parents) and groups (clubs, schools and academies) around the world develop themselves in all of ‘The 6 Pillars of Success’ (explained later in the handbook).

With nearly half a million followers across our social media channels, we’ve become the world’s leading cricket coaching and mentoring brand through our deep knowledge of the game and the mental skills athletes require to perform at their best consistently.

As mentors, we are on a never ending journey to grow and aim to be excellent role models for our students/athletes. We are driven to always learn and increase our knowledge and then strive to pass on everything we know so our athletes can improve their skills & mindset and ultimately live their best life.

Our mentors have played at an elite level, and understand the game well and what’s required to be successful but most importantly we love the game and are passionate about others learn and develop themselves on and off the field.

About Us

We help serious cricketers be happier and live their best life by becoming a better cricketer and a better person. As mentors, we are on a never ending journey to learn and grow as people and educators and are driven to pass on everything we know and learn so that others can live their best life.

CM utilises a range of coaches/mentors/brand ambassadors, many of who have played at an elite level, and are passionate about helping the next generation of cricketers. Through the use of social media, Cricket Mentoring has grown to become a leading and trusted cricket brand throughout the world.

Through a range of different platforms, we strive to make our athletes the best they can be. With the aim to help them reaching their end goals.

Our Mission

Our Story

G’day legend! My name is Tom Scollay and I’m the founder of Cricket Mentoring.

I’m trying to be the mentor that I wish I had.

As a teenager I dreamed of playing cricket for Australia, and felt that I was moving in the right direction when in 2010, at the age of 22, I began a professional cricket career with Middlesex County Cricket Club, giving me the opportunity to learn from and play against some of the best players in the world. I was incredibly excited and felt like I’d ‘made it’.

However, three years later my world came crashing down when I was unexpectedly released from my contract, and decided to return to Perth. I was devastated! What had gone wrong? I had always worked hard to improve my game, and technically, I knew I was good enough. There had to be something else! Upon further reflection, I soon came to the conclusion that psychologically I had not been up to the task. It had been my emotions that had held me back. I’ve never been an emotional person (as my wife would confirm), but as all cricketers will testify, nerves can easily become frayed, doubts set in, and negative thoughts can take over our actions.

I am convinced that it was my mindset that was paramount in preventing me from performing at my best, and going on to have a satisfying long-lasting successful professional cricketing career. 

When I started my cricket coaching business in 2014, I was determined not to be just another “run of the mill” coach, providing just another “technically focused” session. I wanted to help aspiring cricketers understand what it takes to perform to the best of their ability. I longed to share the lessons I’d learned and to provide the necessary tools, both physical and mental, in order for them to develop their full potential. 

During, and since those, brilliant days in England in pursuit of my dream, I have played with or against, coached, mentored, interviewed, and in some cases, become good friends with some of the best players in the world. Through interactions with these legends, and through my own playing experiences, I firmly believe the following to be true:

  1. There’s more to being successful on the field than just having a good technique – yet most coaches and players spend 99% of their time working on technique alone.
  2. Having a mentor or someone to guide athletes on and off the field is critical for players to reach their full potential.

While I’m proud of everything that I’ve achieved in my career so far, awareness of the above may well have helped me reach my full potential and made a difference to my career path. However, I am at peace with this now, but through my own pain, I’m extremely passionate about helping aspiring cricketers reach their full potential by being the mentor I never had! 

At CM our mentors are dedicated to helping people improve their technical ability and develop their match skills, but also very importantly, we want them to understand that there’s much more to on and off field success than hitting a good cover drive. Mental skills, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, game awareness, understanding & plans, as well as how they conduct themselves away from the cricket field or nets, in our opinion, are all vital components of cricketing success! 

While we aim to develop exceptional cricketers, we never forget that we are also encouraging players to adopt values that will help them lead a satisfying and successful life. For many young, dedicated and determined cricketers, cricket is everything and while we get to teach and influence people in a cricket setting, we know that cricket is just a game and only one part of our lives. We also know that only a small percentage of cricketers go on and make a career from the game and even then, a professional career has a limited lifespan. So while we educate and challenge our athletes to be the best cricketer they can be, we want to ensure the people in our programs and representing our brand are excellent characters as well.

Our Mentors

Tom Scollay – Founder & Head Mentor

After starting coaching privately in Perth in 2014, Scolls founded Cricket Mentoring in 2016 as he wanted to be the mentor he never had for aspiring cricketers around the world. Scolls is a batting specialist who has worked with some of the games best players and is mentoring a number of elite young players around Australia.

Blake Reed – Senior Mentor

Blake Reed has been Scolls understudy for the past 4 years and at just 27 years of age is developing into an excellent coach and mentor. While he grows as a coach, he’s also maturing as a player and in the 2019/20 season was the third leading run-scorer in the WACA Premier cricket competition.

David Cleary – Mentor

David Cleary plays first-grade for South Perth Cricket Club and has big aspirations for his cricket career. He has been a mentor for Cricket Mentoring for 18 months and works with the junior aspiring cricketers in our system.

Georgia Wyllie – Mentor

Georgia is a professional cricketer who has been mentoring some aspiring female cricketers. After a successful National under 18 championships where she captained WA, she was awarded with her first professional contract with WA for the WNCL. She was recently also rewarded with a contract for the Perth Scorchers in the WBBL.

Joel Curtis – Mentor

Joel plays first-grade for Perth Cricket Club and has big aspirations for his cricket career. He is a wicket-keeper batsman and has been a mentor for Cricket Mentoring for 6 months and works with the junior aspiring cricketers in our system.

Douwtjie Hoogenboezem – Mentor

Douwtjie (pronounced Dokie) is an aspiring cricketer who has been mentoring some of our younger athletes for the last 6 months. He is an opening batter and plays first grade cricket for Fremantle Cricket Club and is also in the WA U19’s squad.

Sam Fanning – Mentor

Sam represented Australia at U19 level, is now a WACA contracted player and plays first-grade for Perth Cricket Club. He is an opening batsman and has been a mentor for Cricket Mentoring for 6 months and works with the junior aspiring cricketers in our system.

Andrew Walton – Mentor (Melbourne)

‘Waldo’ has over 11 years experience as head coach of premier cricket clubs in the Victorian premier cricket competition. He is a Cricket Australia Level 3 coach, did a 6 week coach development stint with Middlesex CCC in England and is one of the three founders of the MyCricket platform.

Players & Coaches We Have Worked With