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5 Day

Your Game


KNOW YOUR GAME – Goals of the Day

• Understand why you need to know your game
• Understand how knowing your game will help you succeed
• Create a strategy to know yourself and your game

Today’s Challenge

Take some time to think about these 3 experiences then write down:

 What type of player you are in all areas of your game. Mindset, physical, technique and strategies
What your strengths are and what your weaknesses are
A plan of how you can improve your overall game

“When I started with Tom I wasn’t confident. Since following his method, my mindset has changed a lot and I now have a clear plan and feel confident every time I walk out to bat” – Travis (14)

“Tom & Simon’s methods of helping players change their mindset has been a game changer for me! I am now far more positive towards myself in cricket and life”  Jonno (26)