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5 Day

Your Game


BELIEFS – Goals of the Day:

• Understand what beliefs are
• Understand how they affect your cricket
• Understand how to become aware of the belief cycle and stop it from going out of control

Today’s Challenge

Take some time to think about these 3 experiences then write down:

 All things that you say to yourself that are holding you back. Eg, i am too young
Find data to make that belief false
What beliefs you need to believe to achieve your goals
What self image you need to believe to achieve your goals

“When I started with Tom I wasn’t confident. Since following his method, my mindset has changed a lot and I now have a clear plan and feel confident every time I walk out to bat” – Travis (14)

“Tom & Simon’s methods of helping players change their mindset has been a game changer for me! I am now far more positive towards myself in cricket and life”  Jonno (26)