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5 Day

Your game


FEAR – Goals of the Day

• Understand what fear is
• Understand how to overcome fear
• Understand how to use fear to your advantage

Today’s Challenge

Take some time to think about these 3 experiences then write down:

 All the times in your game that you have felt fear.
How it made you feel. Tense? Rushed? Lots of energy? etc.
How you could use that fear to your advantage by understanding those emotions and controlling it rather than letting it control you.

“When I started with Tom I wasn’t confident. Since following his method, my mindset has changed a lot and I now have a clear plan and feel confident every time I walk out to bat” – Travis (14)

“Tom & Simon’s methods of helping players change their mindset has been a game changer for me! I am now far more positive towards myself in cricket and life”  Jonno (26)