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5 Day

Your game


HABITS & ROUTINES – Goals of the Day

• Understand your current habits – both good and bad
• Think about what habits you can create to help you move closer to your goals
• Start replacing bad habits with new good habits

Today’s Challenge

Write down all your current habits – both good & bad

 Brainstorm all the good habits that you want to create in your cricket and life in general.
Focusing on your bad habits, what could you replace the bad habits with to help you move towards your goal?
Start doing what you need to create your good habits. Don’t wait for tomorrow! Start ASAP but remember that you need to stick at it for at least 21 days!

“When I started with Tom I wasn’t confident. Since following his method, my mindset has changed a lot and I now have a clear plan and feel confident every time I walk out to bat” – Travis (14)

“Tom & Simon’s methods of helping players change their mindset has been a game changer for me! I am now far more positive towards myself in cricket and life”  Jonno (26)