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“I’ve known the Cricket Mentoring team for quite a while now & I’ve always had huge admiration for the quality and amount of value that they offer the cricket community.”

Shahbaz Choudhry, Founder of @pacejournal

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As mentors, we want to help as many people as we can on a daily basis on their journeys to becoming the best they can be and living a happier life. With such high demand and not enough hours in a day, starting the Cricket Mentoring Community was a no brainer.

Thanks to this platform, we are now mentoring over 500 serious and committed cricketers around the world at once and connecting them with an incredible network of specialist coaches, experts and professional players (because we don’t know it all!).

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After amassing 1242 runs in an English season, Cricket Mentoring Community member Joel Curtis discusses his mindset to bat for long periods and score hundred after hundred.

Teague Wyllie discusses how his emotions were on a rollercoaster during an incredible month that saw him score his first, 1st grade century followed by three ducks in a row and how he bounced back from that.

After a whirlwind 2021/22 season. Josh Philippe discusses his BBL season, his learnings from playing for Australia, the incredible team culture of the Sydney Sixers & the methods of head coach Greg Shippard.

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Your technique is the foundation of your game. You need to develop a method that allows you to execute your skills consistently.
Build an understanding of how to 'win the contest' or perform an objective and develop awareness of strategy.
What you think has a massive impact on how you perform. The best athletes manage their thoughts and focus through their routines and mental skills.
Understand that how you feel will impact how you perform. The best athletes learn how to use their emotions to their advantage.
Develop your physicality to execute the skills you want when required. The fitter you are, the better your decision-making will be for longer periods of time.
Develop values and behaviours that will help you both on and off the sporting arena to give you the best chance of having success.

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This platform is designed for cricketers and coaches who:

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– Have a growth mindset and want to invest in themselves and develop holistically in each of ‘The 6 Pillars Of Success’.

– Want to improve their understanding of themselves, their game and the game.

– Are ready to build a high-performance mindset and perform out in the middle more consistently.

It’s time to grow in confidence and start transferring your skills from the nets, out to the middle where it actually matters

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